Chaoyang Baisheng locates in the industry zone in Chaoyang county of Liaoning province, covering an area of 209 mu (about 140,000m2). Currently there are totally 800 staff, including 35 management staff, 105 technicians graduating from College and above. With the effort of 10 years from marketing research to product development, Chaoyang Baisheng has established its own strategic and marketing system, which is always putting quality control into the first place.
1 Billions in Sales
Currently the annual output of Titanium Sponge has achieved 15,000 tons, and the sales volume has reached over 1 billion RMB. The ratio of “Grade 0” product has exceeded 80%, far beyond 20% as the average level in the Titanium field, which is considered as a critical milestone in the development of quality technology in the Titanium field.
Professional & Technical Staff
Baisheng Group currently includes Chaoyang Baisheng Titanium Co. Ltd; Hubei Baisheng Titanium Co. Ltd; Jilin Baisheng Titanium Co. Ltd & Chayang Raw Material Base. Currently there is totally 800 staff, including 50+ technicians in Technical Team, and 550 Million RMB of Fixed Assets.
Biggest manufacturing enterprises in Chinese Titanium Industry
Annual Output of 15,000 tons; Annual Sale has reached to 1 billions RMB.
Quality Standard System Certification
Obtained AS9100 Quality Systems-Aerospace/ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System Certification.